Thanksgiving was a very pleasant holiday if you don’t eat too much. And I feel like I’ve missed something being Swedish. I had two dinners to go to, so I had to be smart. First I ate a little with my hostfamily and everything was so delicious!! I especially liked the sweet potato thing. They didn’t have any marshmallows on it, but with the brown sugar it was like eating heaven. I also loved the stuffing and of course the turkey. I can’t really say that the turkey was super special. It tasted like chiken. So, from my experience I now know that on a Thanksgiving table there is a turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potato thing, stuffing, gravy and some kind of bread. Everything so good. My life would be so much easier if I didn’t love food so much…

After ten minutes of dinner I had to leave for the next one, at Chad’s parent’s house in Vista. When we got there I got greeted by five (FIVE!) chihuahuas. And when we waited for the deep fried turkey to cool down, one of them (that I’ve never met before) lie in my lap while watching football. Sadie and Logan, Chad’s brother’s dogs where there and wanted to sit in my lap too. I don’t understand why all dogs here love me so.

The food at the second place were also delicious but I managed to stop myself when I was “lagom” full. So I didn’t have any troubles at all eating a piece of pumpkin pie with some cool whip on. Yummy!

In the evening when we both were super tired of eating most of the day we rented Pacific Rim from a Redbox and watched it. It was good, but I still have some troubles understanding some actors when they are talking.


Thanksgiving was really nice and I hope this wasn’t my last one.

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