Birthday party

I like kids. I definitely want to have kids in the future. But I’m not gonna let them have big birthday parties. Oh my god… The girl have 15 girlfriends over and I was supposed to help. My first clue it was gonna be a tough night was the fact that I had to make tacos for them all… It took me two hours to cut up all the vegetables and fry the beef. I wouldn’t have minded doing it if my stomach was okay, but it hurt really bad. It got better eventually. So when the girls arrived they played games. First they did karaoke and then a big boardgame with themselves as pieces around the house. That was  horrible. They were screaming so much and loudly about ridiculous stuff like who in One Direction is the most handsome and ugly. My head hurt and I was scared of what the rest of the evening had to offer. It got better though. While I heated the beef and tortilla breads the girls played the murder game. The girl who got the king from a card deck was the murderer. And then they were all gonna shake hands and the murderer tickled the one she shook hands with. That person, three handshakes from the murderer later dropped dramatically dead and then the game’s goal was to find the murderer.

Tacos for dinner was good and the meringue cake for dessert was even better. But after that I got some serious stomach cramps and had to lie down for a while. I missed the present openings but that’s fine. I helped taking everything away and now the girls are watching a movie, Brides War. And soon I will head over to Chad’s place. I don’t wanna wake up here tomorrow when 15 girls (I don’t know if some are going home tonight) are jumping in the room above mine way before I want to wake up.

The other big thing that happened today was that I finally finished Under the Dome. An awesome book and all Stephen King lovers should definitely read it. It made you hate it but it was sooo good. Now I will read the Bane Chronicles. It’s 10 short stories about the warlock Magnus Bane in The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. It will be nice with short projects now that I just finished a 800 pages brick.

Tomorrow I don’t have anything planned except eating dinner at Cheesecake Factory with some girls.

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