Wednesday Oct 23rd

A very normal day with Starbucks in the afternoon. I’m such a sucker when it comes to pumpkin things. Chai Latte with a pump of pumpkin spice is my new favorite Starbuck drink, and that together with pumpkin bread made my afternoon.

Last night after I said goodnight to the kids the boy came down like three times. First he said that he realized that it was a long time ago he had pancakes for lunch and that he wanted it (so this afternoon I made some pink pancakes for  the kids’ lunchboxes). And then he told me about all his favorite foods but couldn’t remember one of them. He walked upstairs and came down five minutes later to tell me that he remembered what it was, mac and cheese. So adorable. The third time he came down was because he was coughing a lot and that he had coughed 40 times since he last came down. I gave him some water and told him that if it didn’t help he should come down again. He never did, but fell asleep. The girl came down once too, and asked me if the little guest boy had made any noises and if he did I would wake her up so he could calm him down. I have the cutest hostkids!

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