German is fun

I really enjoy this German class. Maybe it’s because I’m doing so well, but I look forward to every class on Monday evenings. Even today when I had a test waiting for me. I was done with the four questions in five minutes, looked it through twice in three minutes and the rest of the half hour I just rolled my thumbs. I think I might get 100%, that would be a first!

After the test we talked about body parts and family. Super easy. I didn’t really understand what the teacher said in the end about the paragraph about our family that we should write, if it was due next Monday or in two weeks or if it even was part of the homework. I’m ambitious so I will do it anyway. I’m aiming high this time, not just for a pass.

This morning I skyped with mom for two hours. She helped me a lot with my application letter to CalPoly. And we were talking about everything and nothing after that as usual. She told me that my brother has applied for a recruiting job at Liseberg. I really hope he gets it so he can give me a job there next spring/summer, that would be so awesome!

I had leftovers from Cheesecake Factory for lunch and then it was time to pick up the kids from school. Stressful as normal right after, but we made it on time to the boy’s soccer practice today as well. Poor guy got a ball right in his face and he started crying like crazy, but after some comforting words from me he was ready to play again. I’ve been in that situation a few times at beach volleyball practice, it’s more shock than pain.

I finished my book, The Fall of Five, the fourth book in the Lorien Legacies. The next one isn’t coming until like August next year… I hate when you have to wait for the next book in a series!

My next reading project is the Lost Files, a spin off series from Lorien Legacies.

Oh yeah, I forgot to write something about the surfing yesterday. When I walked out in the water for the first time I stepped on something very slimy and as a Swedish person my first thought was jellyfish! Super gross. But then I realized there aren’t any jellyfish here, I haven’t seen any at least. Chad told me it might have been some kind of ray. Didn’t hear what he said but I’ve heard there are stingrays here and if it was one of those I’m really glad I just stepped on its back and not its tail. That would have hurt….

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