The cold is here

I’ve started with my CalPoly application! I’ve found courses I want to take and I have written down them in the motivation letter. I just don’t know whether to write down that I am currently living in SoCal. It could be crediting, but they could also think that they should give the spot to someone who didn’t already had the opportunity to live a year in America. It’s a good thing the deadline isn’t until Dec 1st. And I really hope my break from school is gonna affect their decision.

Today much didn’t happen except that it was super cold! And my room was really cold too, so when I took my nap I had a fluffy hoodie on and a blanket on top of me and I was still freezing.

The afternoon was spent at Swedish School and for dinner we had real Indian curry, it was good!

Now I will head to bed and continue with this too-important-letter some other day. Much depends on how well it is written so it will probably take some time to write it and it will probably be rewritten many times before I send it in…

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