Last day of summer

I just finished my last day of work for this summer. On Monday I will have a new schedule which will give me time to start working out again. Some days I might even have time to be at the beach for a few hours when the kids are in school.

This day was pretty slow too, the girl had 102F (39,5C) this morning and spent the whole day in bed watching Netflix. The boy had a playdate in the morning and during that time I finished the last Narnia book and started the second Percy Jackson. When he got home again we had some time to kill before lunch and we played Creationary, a Lego game, and it was really hard. Leftovers for lunch and then the boy had a lot of things to do in the afternoon, like a dentist appointment, meeting his new first grade teacher and a birthday party, so I was here with the girl and my day ended with me and my hostdad picking up my car from the service.

Now I’m reading while waiting for better times (=plans)…

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