A three-day-headache

I never have headaches normally but this whole weekend it’s been bothering me. I have no idea and I’ve been taking it easy most of the times.

Yesterday morning I picked up Sarah, the new Swedish girl, and we played some beachvolley together at Ponto. She has been playing a lot of indoor volleyball and we didn’t do too bad!

At 11am Hanna and Lukas finally found the beach and we hanged out for an hour before I had to drive Sarah home. But first the two of us had brunch at the Broken Yolk. I had sweet potato pancakes with cinnamon, really delicious!

I drove back to Ponto where Hanna and Lukas had spent a couple of hours. We had half an hour before they had to go. I stayed and read for a while before I went home and showered before going to Chad’s place. We had homemade sushi (really good!), his brother had caught the fish, and then we watched Jack the Giant Slayer. I have to admit that Nicholas Hoult was sexier in Warm Bodies.

Today I spent the whole afternoon by myself at the pool reading and sleeping. I got a little burned actually, but nothing serious, it will probably be gone tomorrow. I finished Mockinjay and started reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief because the girl loves those books and really wanted me to read them. I’ve seen the movie so I recognize everything I’m reading.

Mockinjay was good, but I liked Catching Fire the best. There were so much going on in the end and I didn’t really understand everything. But it was a really good series and I can’t wait for the next movie in November. And now I will warm up with the first movie in my bed.

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