A day of rest

We are back in Carlsbad again and these last upcoming days will be really lazy. Today we went to Ponto Beach so I could play some beach volleyball but I was too tired to play anything at all except some peppering with Moa.  I hope we will have more energy on Wednesday.

After that me and my mom drove to the phone repair shop to turn in my phone again. It took a few hours but now it’s working again!! There was a crack in the circuit or something. But now it’s fixed  and two weeks without a phone is over.

We had brunch at The Broken Yolk while we were waiting and after that we sat in the backyard reading for a while and then we started packing. I hope everything I want to send home can be sent, it looks like it :).

And now it’s time to sleep, a big day tomorrow! 😀

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