Santa Monica

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

I didn’t really experience a typical American Fourth of July but it’s okay. I spent most of the day in the car on I-5 S from San Francisco to Santa Monica. The freeway was super boring, it looked exactly the same for 160 (or something) miles. It was a beautiful landscape but when the road just goes on and goes on and goes on… you could have more fun. In total, it took 8 hours with a few and short breaks and we arrived in Santa Monica and the hostel at 4pm.

We showered and then walked to the Pier. First time I’ve been there and I wasn’t so impressed. The beach was nice and big, but nothing more. We walked around on the Pier for maybe an hour (dinner was included) and then to 3rd Street Promenade two blocks away. It was as pretty as I remembered. Walked inside a few shops, mom bought a new mascara and I finally found the perfume I’ve wanted to buy for a while, Bond no 9. But it was expensive, 1.7 oz $104. I will wait.

When we were heading back to the hostel we heard two street musicians and stopped to listen. Two guys playing guitar together and that was seriously the best guitarplay I’ve ever heard. I had goosebumps! We listened for a long while and then we decided to buy a CD. Unfortunately I couldn’t listen to it now while I’m writing this because I’ve lost my headphones. That makes me really sad because they were awesome! I really hope they are in the car, otherwise I have to buy new ones as soon as possible. And I hate that. I’m always afraid that I won’t find as good ones as I had. Stupid clumsy me, I usually never lose things…

Anyway, tomorrow is our last day on our big roadtrip, Los Angeles. I think we will see the Hollywood sign, Walk of Fame and maybe the Universal Studios CityWalk. And then I think it’s time to head back home to Carlsbad to get some rest. Now I will lay down, read a little and then get many hours of sleep for once!

Oh, btw, we didn’t see any fireworks today. I thought they were gonna have a show at the Pier, but the closest was in Venice beach and we couldn’t drive there, we would have lost our parking spot right next door… Too bad, but I guess I will have my big firework show at New Years instead. I just have to figure out where I’m gonna see it.

2013-07-04, 22:12

Ten minutes later…

I’ve found them! They were in my hoodie pocket (the one I apperantly didn’t look in), silly me…

DSC_0297 This is what we saw for almost 8 hours on the I-5 south to LA from San Francisco. This is why California is called The Golden State. It is beautiful and looks so soft and fluffy from a distance.I-5 S (SF-LA) Santa Monica Pier First time at the Santa Monica Pier.Santa Monica Pier 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade.Seis CuerdasThese two guys, Seis Cuerdas, were amazing!!

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