A day full of bus

My feet are seriously making mes ad right now, I can’t even look at them without feeling disgust. After last night when I slept with them elevated it was a little bit better. But sitting in a hot bus all day only made it even worse than yesterday. I have trouble walking and I’m afraid what will happen if they don’t stop to swell. This thing is called edema according to my mom and after some googling I now have some things to make it better. I’m gonna sleep with compression socks with the feet elevated. I’m gonna move my feet as much as I can, avoid sun and buy a lightly diuretic thingies tomorrow before we begin our big roadtrip to San Francisco.

The day was horrible with way too many hours in the buses. We had two stops with the tour bus, first for breakfast and a tour at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory in LV and then for some shopping in 45C. The Ac worked but not so well since it was too hot outside. When we came to LA though and hopped on the Greyhound bus it was cold instead. But it was nice for my feet!

Now in the evening my mom and I have been planning how we are gonna drive tomorrow, what freeways and where. We also watched Cast Away with Tom Hanks, had some ice cream and I had my feet in cold water. They are still horrible, but after tonight it will hopefully be better. My body doesn’t like heat very much apperantly.

Time to go to bed, we are leaving the house at 7:15am tomorrow morning! I hope we have WiFi at the hostel, otherwise there will be many new posts on Friday evening when we get home. What awaits us this week is the big roadtrip tomorrow, Tuesday some sightseeing in San Francisco and Muir Woods (big Redwood trees). Wednesday  Yosemite over the day and Thursday roadtrip down to Santa Monica where we will spend the night and then do a little sightseeing in LA on Friday. After that we can relax for a few days :).

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