Swedish Midsommer Smörgåsbord

I had a great evening with four other au pairs girls. First we met up at IKEA to eat the Swedish midsommer smörgåsbord. It was as good as the Easter buffe, but I was dissapointed in the dessert, they didn’t have any delicato chocolate balls! It was nice anyway and especially since majority of us weren’t Swedish.

After we decided to do something so we drove to Fashion Valley, apperantly there is a movie theatre there. I had no idea! We wanted to see This is the End but it was sold out so we saw Epic. I really wanted to see that one so I was satisfied, it was a cute movie! But when we bought the tickets the girl who was selling us the tickets told us: ”are you sure you want to buy those, it’s a childrens movie”. But in fact, almost everyone in the room were adults.

This morning the kids’ mom took them to the dentists and after that the boy had a playdate almost all of the afternoon so me and the girl played a lot of battleship. She was really good at it and won big time! When the boy was back home we made Fathers Days cards and then I drove all the way down to IKEA without the GPS. *proud*

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