Spring break 4

SHOPPING (Saturday March 30th)

The last day of our springbreak came and went ridiculously fast. Outside of Houston there is a really big outlet mall, the same that’s here in Carlsbad, but so much bigger. I didn’t want to buy anything but I walked out of there with four shopping bags. I hate myself… I shopped for a total of $260 but it’s nothing when you’ll learn what I got for that money. A pair of Levi’s jeans ($40), Levi’s sandals ($20), Levi’s tank top ($12), Calvin Klein bra ($20), 4 Calvin Klein panties ($30), a black party dress from Diesel ($40), leather wallet from Diesel ($27), a black long dress from Bebe ($37). Now I don’t have to buy anything for a very long time. Although I’ve seen a very nice jacket at the outlet mall here. I think it’s time to buy a new spring jacket, the one I have now, I’ve had since I was 15.

After our shopping spree we drove to Houston Downtown where we walked around for a while. It was dead, but I think it was because of Easter and that it was a weekend. My hostdad said that Houston downtown is a business district so the most people are there on the weekdays. I still love the city though, the buildings were amazing! My h-dad also told me that Houston is a very new city, before the 50s and the oil, there was nothing. I don’t know yet how many photos I took, but I guess it was A LOT!

We had to return our car at 8pm which meant that we had to have an early dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. I got my third glass, wiie! Our waitress was super nice. She had a paper airplane contest with us, told us funny things and were more helpful than usual. We’ll se how many glass I’ll have at years’ end. And how I will get them home…

It took a while to return the car because the car rental company, Dollar, had charged us way to much. So after one hour of waiting for the manager we got $400 back, so that was awesome!

Back at the hotel we pakced and went to bed, we had to get up at 4am…


Last day of March today and tomorrow it is 12 weeks ago I left Sweden, crazy! Californian time we got up at 2am today, so I’m more tired than usually now. So the photos from the week will be posted tomorrow. Some photos. I can’t upload too many photos here, I have limitations, so most of them will be on Facebook instead from now on. But some will be here, of course!

My h-dad picked me up at the San Diego airport at 9:30am. I had the whole day ahead of me which was really nice for once. The kids were really happy to see me and I them. I really missed them this week. I think all my friends noticed when I kept talking about them all the time, haha! They had a really great time in Mammoth and they both went down hard slopes. I know that proud feeling they were showing me, I remember the first time I went down a black slope many many years ago. They were happy about the easter egg hunt I prepared for them. It was a little tricky, but with a little help they found their eggs. They were even happier when I brought them the gifts from Nasa Space Center. At first they thought it was moon rocks, but when I told them to get their dad and a hammer they got curious. And when they smashed them open and saw the crystals they were super happy! I’m glad kids are so easy to please :).

I unpacked and at 1pm we had an Easter lunch with the whole family. Boiled eggs with shrimps, ham, potato gratin and Swedish easter drink.

The weather was pretty okay today so I picked up Vasoula after the lunch and drove to the beach. It was windy and cold, but we lay on the beach for more than an hour. Drove to Islands, a burger restaurant which was nothing at all like I expected. I thought it was a fast food chain, but it was a restaurant and it was super cosy inside. The bartenders were super nice and they were surf trainers. And since we talked so much at the bar, they are gonna give us a big discont, awesome! Then there was this very drunk lady sitting next to us and she fell in love with us. She thought we were super gorgeous and wanted to set us up with her daughter. That sounds all wrong, haha. The mum wanted us to be friends with her 24 year old daughter. And that sounds nice, I want American friends, so maybe I should make an appointment at her hair salon since I anyway want to get my hair done soon.

It’s nice to be home again, with my bed, my shower and healthy food. But at the same time I want to travel again. I love seeing new things! Next time I think I will take a weekend in Phoenix, Arizona :).

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