I’m so exhausted right now! It’s been a really rough day starting with almost 2 hours of basket at the community park with the boy. It was really fun though and I think we will continue our game tomorrow for a short while!

After lunch I went to the gym. Thursday’s are leg and biceps. For some reason I hate legs, no idea why. But I have to exercise the whole body and I want better-looking thighs/ass.

When the kids werehome again from school I helped the girl with some baking. Today it was time for sponge cake. It’s nice that she likes to bake so much and the cake was amazing! But the batter is slightly better ;).
While she was baking I was outside playing football with the boy. It wasn’t much playing, just passing the ball. It’s harder than it looks to throw that damn ball!!

Unfortunately the boy got hurt and had to get inside and spend the rest of the afternoon in front of the TV. I didn’t mind, it’s really exhausting taking care of tiny energy packages. And I actually think my B12 count is sinking, was a while ago I got my last shot… Stupid Cultural Care who said I couldn’t get them here in USA. I wonder what will happen in like three months. (B12 defiency makes you tired and depressed among many other things)

I got off work at 5:30pm today because of the boy’s open house at kindergarten and the girl had to be at the schools book fair representing the girl scouts. So I was home alone and did some good! I got my cabin bag and everything fit in it. The only problem is that if I don’t check in my bag I can’t bringa ny liquids more than 100ml which means I have to leave my sunscreen and hairspray at home. Good thing you can buy new ones!

At 6:30 they came back to pick me up. Their school had a ”dine-out” at Rubios today. A dine-out is when everything you buy at that specific place give 20% back to the school. So we went there and I had a chicken burrito. I hate that fastfood is so good!

I have figured out what I want for my birthday in three weeks, surfing lessons!

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