I am super excited for next weekend which has resulted in a surprisingly early packing. I put everything I want to bring on the floor in my room and I actually think I can manage with my cabin bag which saves me $25. I also look very much forward to when I get my big bag of Swedish candy. My candy I brought ran out a while back…

So, for you who don’t know, I’m going to Houston on Sunday afternoon and on Monday to New Orleans with some Swedish friends from Chalmers. My first spring break and it’s gonna be so much fun!

My days here are starting to look the same. Tuesdays; dance practice, Wednesdays; soccer practice. There was something on Thursday’s that I don’t remember (or was it even something on Thursdays?) and soccer practice on Fridays too. All these new activites mean that Starbucks Wednesday disappeared. Which is probably for the best since I’m trying to stop eating so much!

The boy had two playdates today, so I didn’t have much to do actually and I think that was for the best. I slept very crappy last night. I remember having a bad dream, but don’t remember what it was about…

I just got home from the gym where I was showing the new girl, Vasoula, around. She is gonna sign up there tomorrow and for a better price than me, only $30 every month. That’s super nice!
We didn’t do a very hard workout and after we sat in the sauna for 30 min. That was awesome! Now it’s definitely time for bed, goodnight!

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