I’m still surprised over how fast time goes by in USA. It has to be at least three times faster than in Sweden. I’ve already been in this family for nine weeks! It isn’t so much though, compared to what it will be, in no time at all.

I really enjoy my stay here, my family is great and I am so thankful for them letting me be part of their family. But it is hard to start a new life in a family you’ve never met before. Especially when I’m sick and don’t have the energy to keep up a smile all day. Or during those days I miss home or something not-so-good happens here. I’m still very new to California and everything and I know that it takes time to make adjustments this big. But I’m trying and if I just could keep away from these darn colds it would be so much easier… But I guess life would be kind of boring if everything was easy. But,I am having a great time here! Both with the kids and everything that happens outside the house in my freetime.

Since I didn’t have my car for the first half of the day, my H-mum drove the kids to school. We picked up my car in my freetime and when I didn’t do that I was in my bed half asleep, half watching movies. I still feel really crappy but I hope it will be better tomorrow, I’m invited to celebrate another au pairs 21st birthday in San Diego. So I hink I will go and make myself a cup of tea now and then get a good night of sleep and hope it will be better when I wake up!

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