Today I survived my very first earthquake. Without even noticing it… But it was a medium one and a lot of peeps here felt it. It was a 5.2 and happened about 10am. I think I am glad I didn’t notice it and I hope I never will feel one either! I like it better when the ground is solid underneath my feet.

The weather is pretty nice again and this week is gonna be really nice! So I will try to spend as much time as possible outside with the boy. My hostmum actually came to me because she had noticed that I had some troubles finding things to do with the boy and helped me with a lot of things he likes to do, but doesn’t tell me because all he wants to do is watch TV and play on the Wii. But that’s about to change! I love being outside, but it’s so hard when he is refusing to listen to me just because he doesn’t get his will through. But I got a really nice boost from my hostmum today and things will change around here. I wish myself good luck. I have a feeling he might be a little difficult when I tell him to do other things than playing video games. Challenge accepted!

After school the boy was on a playdate at the neighbors. So me and the girl played grass volleyball in the backyard. And when the boy got home I played with  him, throwing a mini football. That is hard!! Probably I will figure it out eventually but until then the boy just have to live with the fact that I throw like a girl and he has to throw himself at the ball every time!

This night no one’s home. H-mum and the kids are at a team meeting for the girls soccer. H-dad, I have no idea, maybe working late. So I drove to Encinitas (everything is in Encinitas) and Pizza Hut. Super unhealthy but oh so good!

I also booked flights to Houston on spring break! $460 (3000kr) for a roundtrip, that’s not bad at all! On Sunday March 24th I will go to Houston with Hanna, four of our friends from Chalmers and some other girls. We will go to New Orleans and they have planned so many fun things. I can’t wait!

Now I’m sitting here watching Terra Nova and am really happy. This day was really nice and now, once again, I feel that this year will be really nice!

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