SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA – One Last Tour: Masquerade Motel, 3/9, LA

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

I don’t know where to begin. Last night was incredible!! It started very early because I had to pick up my rental car at 10am. I got really sad when I noticed what kind of car it was, a Toyota Yaris. I had one at the skidding course during my driving practice in Sweden and that car ruined everything that day. But I gave it a shot and it was pretty okay. The break tried to kill me though every time I stepped on it way too good compared to my Volvo’s…

I bought a chai latte at Starbucks and typed in Cecilia’s address in Santa Monica. Two hours later I was there and another five minutes later I had Sara, Cecilia’s friend, (who also happens to know Malin, the old au pair, they arrived in the US together Jan 2012 and now she extended her year with 12 months)  in my car too. We drove to 3rd street where we walked along a really nice shopping street in Santa Monica. We had lunch and then drove to LA State Historic Park.

We found a parking very close to the concert area. On our way to the area we were really surprised to see all the girls half naked. They seriously looked like whores! I even saw girls with tiny tiny bottom pieces and star stickers on their nipples…
It was a lot of security things we had to go through but at the last one, where they scanned the tickets I was the only one who got in. Cecilia and Sara paid $160 each for their tickets. Don’t know which site they bought from, but they were fake. I didn’t want to miss it so I went inside without them and found one of Cecilia’s friends from here LCC group, Alexandra, and two of her Swedish friends. I was waiting for Elin, who I met at the au pair training school but when she got there, about 9:30pm she was really wasted and all that time I tried to find here was kinda wasted when she went directly to the beer tents instead.

But it was nice being with the three others. But when Swedish House Mafia started playing I wanted to get closer so I followed a guy I had been talking with and watched SHM with him. He was nice and followed me to my car afterwards. LA downtown in the middle of the night isn’t so nice I’ve heard.

I had Cecilia’s and Sara’s things in my car and had to drive to Santa Monica again to give them their bags. It was very late and I had to refuel the car and I had so much trouble with that, I couldn’t figure out how to open the lid to the tank!! At last I did, and I went to 7-eleven, bought a coffee and some candy to keep myself awake on the way home.

It was really nice driving home at 2am. There were cars on the road, but not so many and I was home about 5am. Last night apparently the clock was put forward one hour to summer time. Horrible going to bed at 5:30am…

I almost forgot!! Just when I got in I saw a celebrity! He had a hoodie and a cap but it definitely was him. Ryan Kwanten! Maybe more famous as Jason Stackhouse from True Blood!!


Oh, I didn’t write anything about the concert, haha! It was outside and it really felt like a festival. 10 bands/guys were performing and surprisingly many were Swedish. There were to stages, the Ballroom and the main stage. The whole night felt like a big nightclub outside and it was impossible to stand still. It was really cold though!

SHM were playing for two hours and the first wasn’t so special. They started with Greyhound and that was awesome! But the other songs I didn’t recognize. In the last 45minutes they played all their famous songs. I didn’t see so much because I’m not that tall, but I can imagine what it looked like when 105000 people were jumping and dancing while SHM  were playing Don’t You Worry Child!

The light show was so amazing! And with the smoke it sometimes looked like it was a roof over our heads. In the end of the show it was snowing too.

I really can’t put it in words, it was an amazing night! And I am so glad I went. It was really expensive, about $300. But if it’s true what they are saying, that this was their last tour, it was totally worth it!

Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica 3rd Street Santa Monica 3rd Street Santa Monica Place shopping mall Santa Monica Place shopping mall Chinatown LA Chinatown LA Chinatown LA Sara and Cecilia outside the festival area Must have for entry: smiles, good vibes Masquerade Motel Masquerade Motel Festival area Festival area LA downtown skyline The Ballroom Style of Eye Style of Eye Style of Eye Alesso Swedish House Mafia Swedish House Mafia Swedish House Mafia Swedish House Mafia Swedish House Mafia Swedish House Mafia Swedish House Mafia Swedish House Mafia

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