This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

It was a super long day today and now I’m so exhausted I just want to go to bed. I almost thought about skipping the blog tonight. But naah, it’s funnier to write when it’s still fresh in your head!

So I got up really early to fix everything. Me, Anna and Lizzie were planning to go 8 am. But we didn’t start our journey until 9:30. It sucked but when Lizzie told me she couldn’t get inside her friends house here in Carlsbad she drove to LA to sleep in her cousins house. So she drove south this morning just to pick us up, then north again and lastly south again. I don’t understand how she manages.

So it only took us about 1,5h to get there and we started with the Hollywood sign. We didn’t do the 2h hiking trip up to the sign. We were happy and satisfied with the Griffith Observatory. You could see the sign really well but I’m not sure if the photos is good. My camera sucks and pushes the motives further away. But we’ll se when I take a look at them. Not tonight though… I’m way to tired to watch through 350 pictures… So no photos today, but tomorrow I will make a post with just photos from today!

You had a fantastic view over Los Angeles too and the city reached as far as you could see. It’s hard for me to understand how big everything here is! I’m from the second biggest city in Sweden, but it’s nothing compared to this. I love it!

After that we went to Hollywood Boulevard and the Walk of Fame. I was not particularly impressed to be honest. I understand why they have to embellish it. It was still cool though!

When we got hungry I had a suggestion, Hard Rock Cafe. I had not thought about that at all before going there, but when I saw the gigantic sign on Hollywood Blvd I just knew I had to eat there! We have a Hard Rock Cafe in Gothenburg too, but embarrasing enough I’ve never been there… It was so nice inside and the Californian hamburger I ordered was delicous! I had a virgin drink, instead of the normal coke, and I got to keep the glass. A cool souvenir!

When we were so full we almost rolled out of Hard Rock Cafe we went to Madame Tussauds and unfortunately those wax dolls were the only celebrities we saw today. Oh my god, we were fooling around so much, laughing, and taking crazy pictures. It was so much fun!

I can’t believe how much I’ve used that camera today. The battery almost died so I had to use my phone when we got to downtown. Today was the 55th Annual Grammy Awards in Staples Center. Everything was blocked and full och policemen. The awards had begun when we got there so didn’t see any celebrities. But we got to see Staples Center. It was way to cold to take a trip around downtown so we didn’t see anything more than that and the skyskrapes from afar. That’s another days adventure!

Now I’m home again, super tired. And tomorrow starts a new week of work. This one is longer because the children are free from school on Friday because of some president. But I think this week will be pretty nice anyway. I’ve started to feel much better so I’m gonna try the gym tomorrow. I will probably hang out with Lizzie this week because its her last. And on Saturday a visit to the San Diego Zoo might happen!! So much going on all the time :).

Los Angeles!

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