Today I’ve been on my very first PT session. It was some trouble with my booking but I got my appointment anyway. I was hoping I would get som help with how to use dumbbells and machines and what exercises to do with my goals. So I was dissapointed when he first asked about my goals and then started pushing me to do other kinds of exercises, like box and so. It would have been nice to walk around the gym and get some tips, but no. So I walked around there alone watching, and probably looking kind of stupid. But now I have a hum about what you can do. All I have to do now is set up a program… The thing I’ve been postponing for several months now. But I guess I have to if I’m going to look good in my super nice VS bikini.

Before I went to the gym I took a walk here in the neighborhood. I was out walking for an hour and I became very eager to get out there and try running. Tomorrow I’m doing that. But first I have to check the best routes on the internet and how far it is.  I don’t want to overdo now when I’m just starting!

My host family had two other families over for dinner and company. So there were running around a lot of tiny kids in the house. When they got tired we sat down and watched a Barbie movie when she was in Fairyland. A really awesome movie…

Now I am so tired that I hardly can keep my eyes open! So I’m gonna hit the bed now and cross my fingers that my calves will allow me to run tomorrow!

BeautifulBeautifulThe "ditch"

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