US and A ! (7jan)

It is 11:45 pm here in New York (Long Island or whatever!) and I am still awake. I have been up for about 23 hours now and I am still not very tired. It’s really weird! Now I am sitting in my bunk bed in my dorm room in St. Johns University on Long Island. I am sharing the room with two Mexicans.

2013-01-07 22.18.14

So far I haven’t done anything at this school except eaten a pizza slice. It was delicous! We arrived at the school very late because of the bus driver who took a detour in New York. Didn’t see much though except China town and Manhattan from a distance.

In total we have traveled by plane for 12h with a stopover in London. Heathrow is sooo big! We had to take a train to our gate. I was hoping to see JFK in New York, but we landed in New Jersey and Newark International Airport. But I think I will depart from JFK on Friday when I’m leaving for San Diego.

Even though the late hour I think au pairs are still dropping in. We were four Swedish au pairs going from Gothenburg, and three from an early Stockholm flight. We arrived together to the school. But I wonder if the girls (and boy?) from Stockholm has arrived yet. I think they were leaving Sweden 3-4 hours after us, so they probably just got here or will in any minute now.

There is WiFi here at the university, but the signal is not strong enough in my room, and I am too exhausted to go look for a spot in this big house where the signal is good. So I will post this when I either find that spot, or when I am at my host family’s house in California this weekend (12th of January).

It has been a long day, I should be tired… Maybe I’ll fall asleep if I just lay down and close my eyes!

2013-01-07, 23:45

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