Beach and banana bread

It is January, isn’t it? Today it definitely didn’t feel like it. The afternoon was spent at Avila Beach with Matt and his friends and it was like any other Swedish summer days. Maybe a little bit colder, but not much. We played a lot of beach volleyball, Kan Jam (which is a Frisbee game, actually pretty fun), and then ended the day by going in the water. I still find it incredible that it is even possible to be at the beach in January, and go in the water even! I can’t say that it was warm, but after a while of just standing there, watching the sun get lower and lower in the sky, it didn’t feel cold anymore and I jumped in. According to internet it was 60F (15.5C), which is cold. But definitely not too cold. Maybe I am embracing my Swedish Viking heritage more when I am away from home?

We stayed until the sun set and on our way back the whole sky was the most amazing pink color I have ever seen a sunset be. It was so beautiful!

It was a very fun day anyway. I spent two hours at Matt house trying to get warm, he cooked dinner for me and then drove me home. The plan tonight was to hit downtown, but no one wanted to except me and Toby, so we will do it tomorrow instead and try to recruit more people.

So instead of going downtown I spent a lot of my time awake baking. First I baked white chocolate macadamia nut cookies for Rachel (and I got two) so she could pay with that instead of money to the line dancing thing. And then I baked banana bread for the very first time, and also from scratch. It turned out delicious! Why haven’t I ever baked that before?

I made my sweet cravings go down, now I am very super full and totally ready to go to bed and watch an episode of The 100. It is Saturday, 11pm, and there is nothing wrong with that even for a college student!

A day of studying

I did not do much today on this lazy Sunday (which was my second Saturday). I went up at 9am, had a banana/egg pancake and then wrote on my paper in Transportation Engineering lab. I wrote two whole pages and will probably add a half more tomorrow. I then took a break when I ordered a lot of stuff from Amazon. I got Amazon Prime yesterday which means I can get free two-day shipping. I ordered a mattress pad, 3 inch thick memory foam for $99 instead of $530. I so look forward to when that comes! I also ordered two flags to put up on my walls, a Swedish one and a California Republic one. Pins to put it on the wall, three bathroom baskets so I don’t have to have those things in my desk anymore. I also got a cheap memory foam bathroom rug, a small LED lamp to have by my bed, a dish rack, a small cutting board and a new purse since mine (which I’ve had since like 2009) is falling apart. I also found my black/see-through-neon-green sunglasses that broke this summer and ordered them too. All that for $220, yay!

Then I sat on the couch for a while reading about the old Egyptian kingdom in Architecure History.

At 5pm I went to the library for the first time to study with Johanna and Eric on our project in Transportation Engineering (yeah, it is two different classes, Transportation Engineering and Transportation Engineering Lab). We decided that we wanted to look into the Swedish roundabout and right of way system and compare that to a city of the same size here in California. We are gonna compare to the 4-way stop intersections they have here and maybe take a look at the enviromental impacts. This will be a fun project I think.

After that I got home, Kelsey was baking almond bars, but muffins. They were delicious so I got the recipe. It almost tasted a little bit like marzipan. Yummy! Right after we went to Target so I could buy some food, but I guess Sunday evening isn’t the best of days to go grocery shopping, it was completely empty. So I guess I have to go to Albertson’s tomorrow to buy ground beef and onion and stuff so I can make spaghetti with meatsauce. And since I am almost done with my homework this week (that I know of so far) I will hang out by the pool. I need to work on my tan ;).

After Target me and my roomies just talked for a long while and now everyone’s in bed earlier than ever before. I will go to bed now as well and watch the season premiere of Once Upon a Time. Goodnight (/goodmorning)!

Beach volleyball @ Pismo Beach

This post used to contain pictures, but due to new storage limitations from WordPress, I had to fix the problem and decided to create a new blog that works as an archive for all the posts from my two years in California. This full post can be found here.

I’m sorry my 25 readers (which is more than last year, yay!), my blog has been dead because I’ve been too tired to update. So, I think Wednesday was the last day I updated. Since then I’ve gotten a 15 page paper due on Thursday next week, been to downtown again, walked all the way back and stopped to refill energy with a donut at the 24/7 donut shop. On Friday I baked muffins and cupcakes with my roomies and people from the building came and said hello. A great way to meet people. We had about 100 and we actually got rid of all of them.

Cupcake frosting with LaurenOne of my roommates, Lauren :).

In the evening on Friday we went to a house party and I have now something more on my experience list. The party got rolled, which means that the police came and asked everyone to leave. It was kinda weird and I really don’t understand how that works here, because it seems like all the house parties get rolled, even if non of the neighbors are home (like yesterday). The police earns money from it, so I guess that’s why they prioritize parties. It was only 23:30 so we headed back to PCV and hung out with some guys on the fourth floor playing Cards Against Humanity. The most fun game ever.

This morning I went to Pismo Beach with Ryan, Johanna och Franzi which is a German exchange student. We played beach volleyball for like three hours. At first not very serious, just to get warmed up. I ended up playing my last game with some pretty good players, that was fun. It was too bad though that the wind is always coming to the beach here at like noon.

Pismo Beach

On our way home we had lunch at High Street Deli which is SLO’s best sandwhich place according to pretty much everyone. It was very good and much needed after so many hours in the sand. It felt good to be back, but it’s gonna take a while to get into playing again.

At home I took a shower and then a too long nap. So I didn’t have time to study… I felt a little bad actually. But I am going up at 8:30am tomorrow to write on my paper about the High-Speed Rail in California. It is a group project, but it is still a lot of pages to write. I think it will be done pretty fast though as soon as I just get into it, which I will do tomorrow. I think I am meeting up with my group in Engineering Transportation sometime during the day as well to figure out what our project this quarter should be about. The 15 page paper of the California HSR is in Transportation Engineering Lab. I also have a lot of reading to do, so that’s what I will do tomorrow. I am also checking to see if anyone is going grocery shopping. I finally have a few ideas of food I want to cook. I am thinking spaghetti and meatsauce tomorrow. Or maybe Monday.

After the shower, nap and dinner (the other half of the delicious sandwhich) I went to Grover Beach with a bunch from my WoW-group to hang out. At Grover Beach it is okay to drive with the cars on the sand and it is a huuuge beach and you can just put the bonfire right in the sand. It was a very nice evening! I smell a lot of smoke right now, but it was worth it. My roomies were up and running when I got back at like 23:30. They were hyper from lack of sleep. Haha. I like them, they are so sweet and so funny. I am gonna miss them so much when I have to leave (way too soon!).

Bonfire at Grover Beach

I guess I should go to bed now so I won’t be too tired to get up at 8:30 tomorrow…